Beyond Duty

Well, Call of Duty 5: World at War was quite a mixed bag for me. It did turn out to be immersive, but at the same time, it still has quite many things that need work.


Clouded skies

Yes, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is not that new, but I did not have an opportunity to play it till now. I have really mixed feelings about it. While it does have more than necessary old maps, it did have some fun elements, but it definitely is NOT a complete new game, maybe not even an expansion.


Platinum Generation

I thought I should mention a pleasant surprise I got while playing around with steam the other day. I have a first-gen Half Life: Generation Pack from old, so old, in fact, that Half Life: Blue Shift didn't come with it. This greatly annoyed me at the time, and continued to do so until this other day.


Skin is the new Kevlar!

Yep, its time to mince Far Cry 2 apart. To sum up, it does not live up to the f(l)ame. It is undeniably beautiful, but tedious, infuriating and boring as well. Plus, it gave me a headache due to the (yet again) faulty widescreen implementation.


Greys have blood too, you know

Sooo, lately there has been a surge of freely playable full games. Not "the absolute most popular" of their time, but nevertheless, good ones. One of these was Area 51. The basic story is the usual: bad aliens come, some conspiracy, kill'em all. Apart from this, its a good game, with goo story for an FPS, it runs very well even on average or below-average PCs. Even if it wouldn't be free, it would be worth its time.


Dungeoncrawling in SPACE!

Just today, Gas Powered Games released their next in line for the Dungeon Siege series. The new thing: they moved it into space, hence the title "Space Siege".

Massive storyline

So, Mass Effect. Yes, the one with the oh-my-god-full-sex-scene engineered shocks and all its variations. Quite a good game actually, not perfect, but still there.


The Belated Tablet Review

So I promised to write a full review about my then-new tablet... months passed and I got quite some learning experience from it in both ways.

Two Rainbows in the Sky

As I did play with the first installment of the series I was curious to the fixes and the storyline this would likely include in this. Especially because the first game was quite full of bugs and didn't quite close that story to my satisfaction.


Fall of Alternate

I installed this game out of need-to-play... I wanted to play something, as I already finished those I had on, and this was the closest.... Well, on some level I wish I haven't. The reviews spoke truth unfortunately.


Moving along....

So, the promised review of the Motion Computing M1400. As already stated, it was introduced in 2004, the same year I bought my ASUS M6800Ne notebook, so I'll go ahead and make some comparisons to that and to notebooks today as well.

Sketching along....

A couple days ago I managed to acquire a used tablet PC: Motion Computing M1400. Tipical slate-type tablet, with all the nuances, errors and advantages of its kind. I'll post a detailed review of this 2004 monster in a few days/weeks...

Here it is, sorry for being about a month late!


Legacy of a Killer

Assassin's Creed was a game that I eagerly waited from the time the first shots/videos were released. I liked the Hitman series, and was enthralled by the medieval setting and the visual/audio quality. Of course, I was sceptic at first, suspecting a bullshot, but it proved to be false in the long run. While it looked revolutionary at that time, so did Crysis, and it didn't save it from being mediocre in all other elements.


Hard to be a God, part 2

And it's even harder to get a good game. Little nuances can easily kill gameplay, challenge or story. Unfortunately, there are plenty of those annoying bugs left in the final game that plagued the demo, in fact, I didn't find one that was fixed. After watching the end credits, it got clear, why: only one tester was listed. Way too few.
On a related topic, first english post.


It's hard to be a good game

Pár napja jött ki a "It's hard to be a God" demója. Aki nem ismerné, egy középkori (nem fantasy, semmi varázslat nincs benne, csak technika) és scifi elemeket vegyítő világban (alkotói ugyanazok a Sturgatsky testvérek, akinek többek között a STALKER háttérvilágát is köszönhetjük) kell ármánykodás, politika és felelősség között vergődnie az egyszeri játékosnak.