Fall of Alternate

I installed this game out of need-to-play... I wanted to play something, as I already finished those I had on, and this was the closest.... Well, on some level I wish I haven't. The reviews spoke truth unfortunately.

The basic story is a good one. An alternate WWII, where there was no Churchill to save England. There is some good commentary on that 5-or-so cinematic, adding some atmosphere. The music is your standard-issue WWII symphonic, not bad.

Then there are the bad things. Unfortunately, roughly everything else fits into this category. Controls are bad, missions start with one that is... Well, repetitive would be an understatement. You have to do the same thing in a different place, but what gives, the underground passage seems to be the same. Maybe the lack of $ to the artist department? There are about 4-5 costumes for the enemies, no more. Less than a dozen guns, counting both sides, (german-only rocket, shotgun, machinegun, rifle, german grenate, no more) the german rifle with extra scope or not. The physics engine is a buggy hell, numerous times the dead remain standing or almost fully upright in impossible stances, getting halfway through other supposedly solid objects... The cinematic scenes are recorded engine movies! Please stop that NOW! It's just the waste of storage. The extra arts were not cleaned, numbering, marks, etc were left as they were. Didn't see that in any other game so far...

If you look at the gaphics, this is not supposed to be a new game (2008 march ??? maybe BC?). First, it has limited resolution support (hello~~ no 1440x900?) Then, it looks ugly as lowpoly HELL. No real detail, only as much as of a 3-year-old (possibly older) game... The only good-looking part was the effect of getting hit. Unreal Engine 3? Well, this game sets itself as the ugliest I've ever seen with it.

Have I mentioned the length or requironments? 3 large spaces (NYC, London, Zeppelin), altogether... 4 hours or less. The game arrives on a dual-layer disc and still takes about 7 gigs of space, which is 6 gigs more than it should for its length. The HW requironments are absurd, but come with the engine. A thing that looks this ugly (not aged, that would be good. Simly fugly) should run with more than average 30 FPS (battle) on max with my x1900gt...

I don't think there was any other game that I finished and uninstalled so fast as this. Not worth the cost of print. Avoid!

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