Beyond Duty

Well, Call of Duty 5: World at War was quite a mixed bag for me. It did turn out to be immersive, but at the same time, it still has quite many things that need work.

A quick rundown for those who didn't play with this one: it was developed by Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward. It takes us yet-again into the battles of World War II., on Allied and Russian side.

Graphicswise, I can't really have a bad word. Looks great, runs great. Animation is good, models are also.
The videos between the missions are OK, but I would have preferred them to be in style of the era, not this ultra-modern, showbiz-meets-documentary one. Guess the guy wanted to show how awesome they are.
There is only one disturbing portion: large caliber machineguns do tend to decapitate or maim enemies. While the former is of course instant, the latter gets started an animation of almost half a minute of the said sorry soldier gripping his new stump, face distorted in pain until either you take a mecry on him or he dies with an audience. If - like me - you tend to favour weapons that have rapid fire, awesome damage and accuracy, you'll encounter this part quite often.

Suprisingly, not counting the sniper, the most accurate and best all around weapons are the largest man-portable machineguns. If you ever see a 'deployable' gun, pick it up, you won't find anything better (save sniper for really long distance).
Yet again, grenade handling is bad. While it is assigned the same numerics that the guns, you throw it at once rather than selecting it. The other bad thing: Russians have a special molotow cocktail, which could have been fun, but takes ages to ready, ignite, then throw. Every damn time I tried to use it, the enemy either got shot to death before I threw, I got shot whil trying to say in range, or he got out of range. Grenades cannot be cooked, so their effectiveness is quite low. Due to the console-optimalized controls, throwing back a grenade is mapped to the same button as throwing your own.

Speaking of grenades, the audio portion is also quite good. I have to mention the voice actors, Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman. Sutherland for the main allied character, and unless I'm mistaken, Oldman for the Russian sniper firend. I have to admit, our friend sniper was one of the best acted character I've seen in CoD, especially because he gives a real historic hint at the actions of the Russian army.
Sound are nothing to write home about, they are bearable and that's about it.

Story is.. well, it is a historic FPS. Then again, I liked the infantry parts of the Russian campaign, due to the aforementioned friend. Unlike 99% of the WWII games, namely Allied vs Nazi, this one is about Russian vs Nazi and Allied vs Japanese conflicts, bringing some variation to the genre.

Apart from standard infantry missions, you get a tank mission (lackluster), and an airplane gunnery seat (better).

To conclude this: good game for few hours, or for multiplayer, if you like the "whoever hits first wins" kind of play.

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