RX Vega Budapest - The First Showdown!

...or something like it.

Anyway, I was at the event, and came out with not one answer. Was it even an RX Vega? I don't know.


Manfrotto vs Crumpler: longivety or not?

Anoter long, long test, but this time for bags: Manfrotto vs Crumpler. For the last 5-6 years, I used what are primarily camera bags as my day-to-day bags, and of course, I could not have done so without coming to some conclusions.

I'll just state this in advance: there was unfortunately no competition. I thought I found a better solution to my day-to-day bag needs, but no. Back to the drawing board.


LG 34UC98-W: a belated review

I've bought a set of new displays, the LG about 8 months ago, and a Asus MG279Q some time later to replace my Dell U2414H and P2414H combo. First I bought a 29" ultrawide (LG 29UM67-P), but then I got an offer and I exchanged it for the then-brand new 34UC98-W. Needless to say I jumped at the occasion head-first. I've posted a short review on /r/ultrawidemasterrace back then, here is a more fleshed-out version of it.


Pokemon Go Map HowTo

Yes, I did get the Pokemon GO fever, and yes, I hate the 3-step bug. It doesn't even show you which one is the closest! And even when it worked, you really should at least have a better way to triangulate the pokemon.

Anyway, here is a quick guide to how to set up your local map. Do keep in mind that using it does apparently conflict with the TOS.


Amplifying problems

Problems, problems, problems. Namely, you can't really get a decent amplifier cheap like we used to. But let me get into my setup and the problems that led to this realization first!


Surface 2 Pro: a long, grueling test

After using the SP2 for about a year, I think I managed to meet every good and bad side of the tablet. Unfortunately, it is pretty ugly.


The NEX upgrade

I really think my ages-old NEX-3 is ripe for an upgrade, but what could I possibly upgrade it to? 6? 7? A6000? A7? Wait for the A7S? Here are my thoughts on this issue...