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So, the promised review of the Motion Computing M1400. As already stated, it was introduced in 2004, the same year I bought my ASUS M6800Ne notebook, so I'll go ahead and make some comparisons to that and to notebooks today as well.

First, the looks. My first initial impression of the naked tablet was that of an overgrown PDA: the controls on the chassis are almost exactly the same. It has neutral silver color, nothing extra or classy like that of a Fuji Stylistic ST5* tablet. Still quite within the acceptable range, but nothing to write home about.

The screen I have is a 12" 'view anywhere' TFT, and it really is quite enjoyable from extreme angles, unlike that of almost all other TN+film technology notebook displays, even the newer ones. This is something I'd definitely want, since I change the orientation of the tablet quite often.

Loosely an other aspect of the screen is the digitizer. This series has a passive digitizer based on wacom tech, not a touchscreen.
-way better and faster tracking of the pen,
-you can put your hand down on the screen,
-can hover the cursor (since the digitizer recognises the pen from about 2-4 cm away)
-you smear the

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