Storage: An unRAID beginning

About a month or two ago I got fed up with my latest HDD loss, so I started looking around for redundant, easily expandable storage solutions that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg...


A new retro Invasion

A great old one has risen again from the depths of time. Or is it just a spectre, or worse even: a fake, a forgery to rob you blind while promising riches beyond its grasp?


Something else: Crumpler New Delhi 620

So far I haven't written a review on this blog on something other than games. Without further ado: my new bag, the Crumpler New Delhi 620.

Official mugshot: nah, don't worry, in life it is much darker shade of red


Lording over terror

Yes, Diablo 3 has been out for a couple of weeks now. And it has been unplayable also for quite some time. Warning, spoilers!

Models and textures are not really detailed, even on highest settings, but are OK from the usual far out camera


A Secret beta

So, the semi-open weekend beta of The Secret World has started. And oh boy, have I been busy!
Facial animations are actually quite good


The Secret Music

So, The Secret World weekend beta client is out and like the regular music-maniac that I am, I got interested in the music of it.... here is how to get it for yourself!


Retrospect: Mass Blunder 3

So, the big polariser of 2012. Good game, game of the year, exceptional or horrible ending. Moneygrab or the lack of funds. And a couple of story writers left out in the cold. Mass Effect 3 (Spoilers!)
Oh, and the face import was not working for the most loyal fans. Like me.

Back from the dead

Hi guys, just an update: the blog will resume soon. At least in Valve time.