Two Rainbows in the Sky

As I did play with the first installment of the series I was curious to the fixes and the storyline this would likely include in this. Especially because the first game was quite full of bugs and didn't quite close that story to my satisfaction.

Well, they fixed the bugs that lead to numerous crashes, but made it up with including a truckload of scripting bugs and some annoying audio bugs. Then they included the worst yet: unlockables. The real problem with their concept is that - unlike in any serious game - most of them requires the player to play it at least 5 times in varying styles - possibly more - just to get enough XP to unlock them!

The unlock system has other flaws as well. You can't see the stats of the weapons you loot from enemies. Ok, did I mention that the enemies use the best stat weapons early on, at the worst in the very end? Of course, in the hands of the enemy, they seem to be scaled damage wise compared to your own... An other kept feature is that you mates are still too dumb to help, that is, to use their damn revive potion on you. At least they jump in front of you less often. BTW, on an not-so-entirely-unrelated note, they can tale five D Eagle bullets to the head from point-blank range. Hey, they deserved them!

Again, we have checkpoints and periodic automatic save points. In other words, we still have a console conversion FPS, with all the annoying locks and unlocks.

Oh, I almost forgot to include the "best of Script bugs": on quite may occasions, I had enemy-generating script lock up, that resulted the with unending stream of cannon fodder. On other instances, the damned teammate didn't notice that I did give his room and kept asking for more. Even after I went out of the room. As a plus, the audio error: Fist, voices tend to be way too quiet, even next to you. Then, you can hear gunshots or more precisely, some sort of muffled explosions over places you're really not supposed to do (like, 2 rooms full of mufflers away). Last, while glass cracks with a great and big sound, enemies that are in front of them, less than 5 meters away will refuse to notice it.

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