Dungeoncrawling in SPACE!

Just today, Gas Powered Games released their next in line for the Dungeon Siege series. The new thing: they moved it into space, hence the title "Space Siege".

Well, I started expecting more or less the same controls and actions as in Dungeon Siege II. My bad. It's more like a 90% new game than a successor. And 10% RPG at that, if we take DS to be 40%. I wouldn't call it outright TPS, but its quite close to that.

The changes:
First, there is no inventory. Judging from the demo interface, you can pick up maybe a dozen guns in total plus use the same amount of special powers. Other than this, you collect a total of 7 cybernetic replacements for yourself, HP packs, grenades and credit-like "parts" for upgrades. That's it, nothing else. Basically, you go, shoot everything for parts, pick up everything, use that as upgrades, rinse and repeat.
Well, at least you don't have to deal with selling your stuff from the pack mule any more!

Oh, you can also manufacture (read: buy) hp packs and grenades from the parts, not just weapon & self upgrades.

The controls are tricky a bit. You can't move with anything else but the mouse click. Weird.

What remained constant:

The story is the usual "gone-to-explore-other-systems-but-found-angry-powerful-aliens-instead" one. Then again, which *Siege had more of a story? They were all for the easy action, not the intriguing story.

As usual, there is still no save. Not that there would be a use for it in such a game, especially with zero items...

The system requirements are good, that is, runs on full-out on my aging PC.

The amount of enemies seem to be about the same as in the previous installment, numerous, but not many.

Well, the demo setup is ~900MB, and gives off about 10-15 minutes of game play. If you're finished, go back to spore CC!

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