Platinum Generation

I thought I should mention a pleasant surprise I got while playing around with steam the other day. I have a first-gen Half Life: Generation Pack from old, so old, in fact, that Half Life: Blue Shift didn't come with it. This greatly annoyed me at the time, and continued to do so until this other day.

I thought: "what the hell, I'll activate this also on steam!" It's not a requirement or anything, I just thought to do so as a contingency measure, should I lose the discs or otherwise become unable to use them. I gave first the code for only the Half Life (I had separate codes for HL, Counterstrike and opposing force). Then continued to stare at the screen, as it read:

"Half Life: Platinum Pack activated"

I mean, whoa. That's a tad more than I bargained for. Very nice move. I did consider buying Blue Shift only to play it and get to know that side of the story, (no, I never pirated it,) but it always seemed a bit more expensive than I had left over after all other things bought.

So now I'm the proud owner of yet another a god-knows-how-many year old
game that I'd love to play through, which I got practically as a gift.

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