Platinum Generation

I thought I should mention a pleasant surprise I got while playing around with steam the other day. I have a first-gen Half Life: Generation Pack from old, so old, in fact, that Half Life: Blue Shift didn't come with it. This greatly annoyed me at the time, and continued to do so until this other day.


Skin is the new Kevlar!

Yep, its time to mince Far Cry 2 apart. To sum up, it does not live up to the f(l)ame. It is undeniably beautiful, but tedious, infuriating and boring as well. Plus, it gave me a headache due to the (yet again) faulty widescreen implementation.


Greys have blood too, you know

Sooo, lately there has been a surge of freely playable full games. Not "the absolute most popular" of their time, but nevertheless, good ones. One of these was Area 51. The basic story is the usual: bad aliens come, some conspiracy, kill'em all. Apart from this, its a good game, with goo story for an FPS, it runs very well even on average or below-average PCs. Even if it wouldn't be free, it would be worth its time.