Dungeoncrawling in SPACE!

Just today, Gas Powered Games released their next in line for the Dungeon Siege series. The new thing: they moved it into space, hence the title "Space Siege".

Massive storyline

So, Mass Effect. Yes, the one with the oh-my-god-full-sex-scene engineered shocks and all its variations. Quite a good game actually, not perfect, but still there.


The Belated Tablet Review

So I promised to write a full review about my then-new tablet... months passed and I got quite some learning experience from it in both ways.

Two Rainbows in the Sky

As I did play with the first installment of the series I was curious to the fixes and the storyline this would likely include in this. Especially because the first game was quite full of bugs and didn't quite close that story to my satisfaction.