After a Raspberry Pi and the afterlife of Google Reader

Since I first discovered it, I was one of the heavyweight users of Google Reader. So after we (as in: a great number of journalists and other heavyweight users) all got shafted by Google, I had to go and look for an alternative. After all, while you can manually look up a dozen or so sites a day no problem, but the moment you have - like I do - hundreds of sites you want to keep an eye on, that's a different problem altogether. But it took me a great while to get the parts right. I guess I could say that at places, curiosity got the better of me.


Keyboards: a thousand papercuts

When you spend most of your life hitting away at a couple of keys, you might start developing some expectations: minimal downtime, feel of keys, sound, maybe even extra macros. Then reality hits.


Nexus 4: a problem of case

As some of you might have already heard, I've come across a Nexus 4 in search of a new phone after I wanted to stomp on my aging Galaxy S the umpteenth time. In a way I was lucky with that, as it came with a very good case, but as this Nexus 4 was brand new, I had to get online and chase down a case for it.


Third time is the fail

EA has done it again, this time with Dead Space: in the name of making a game more "available" for broader audiences, they just sacrificed the core of the series.

Doctor's orders: drawing and alcohol