Greys have blood too, you know

Sooo, lately there has been a surge of freely playable full games. Not "the absolute most popular" of their time, but nevertheless, good ones. One of these was Area 51. The basic story is the usual: bad aliens come, some conspiracy, kill'em all. Apart from this, its a good game, with goo story for an FPS, it runs very well even on average or below-average PCs. Even if it wouldn't be free, it would be worth its time.

As I said, its not a 2008 game. It came out in 2005, and if you played with Crysis and the lot this year, it will be a bit ugly. But still, at least it runs much more smoother than those. It looks OK, if you ask me, but nothing special.

Again, I can only say that this was OK, nothing extra, nothing bad. Oh, there are two voices that are famous: Manson and Duchovny. They give their voice to an alien and the hero, and are good at it.

Guns, guns guns, all (except alien and sniper) dual-wielded for double the fun. pistol, shotgun, submachineguns, sniper, plasma and meson alien weapons plus human and alien grenades. The last gun is the most original one: it fires a globe of electricity, then wherever it lands, stars electrocuting enemies. Unfortunately, it only has a few shots. Still, you could clean a room with one shot.

Not bad, varying levels of open and claustrophobic horror-inducing closed ones. The latter are not quite as good as in F.E.A.R., but can get you at times.

Well, here is the bad part. It appears that first, they have no mouse smoothing. Second, if you zoom, and move the mouse, something is fishy. You still move the sniper with the same big movements as without the scope. Very uncomfortable, if you ask me.

Well, it takes about 10 hours at a headlong rush to finish, no counting deaths and the like. Good for a long weekend.

If you're into some fast action FPS, but FEAR is too much horror for you, get this for a couple of dark nights.

If you want to download, here is a good place to start.

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