RX Vega Budapest - The First Showdown!

...or something like it.

Anyway, I was at the event, and came out with not one answer. Was it even an RX Vega? I don't know.

Anyway, the visitors got to play with 2 systems. One G-Sync and one Freesync, The Freesync was apparently $300 cheaper, and you were encouraged to guess which was which.

As for the systems, they were Ryzen build, as you can see the Ryzen LED cooler on one of the shots.

The organizers said the display were both unnamed ASUS displays with 3440x1440@100Hz, and of course 34" curved.

Update: The left was the Vega system with a ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ, the right was the Nvidia with the ROG Swift PG348Q.

Why? The white text on the Designo, it's much more prominent curve, the ROG was blocky (much more prominent in person) as opposed to smoother curves of the Designo, plus lastly the Designo had noticeably smaller black inner bezels in person.

Left system (Vega + Designo)

Right (Nvidia+ROG) system

The left system had some hickup, dropping to maybe 20s a few players before me. I did not experience anything like that, it was smooth for me. The right had some ghosting/sync issue or something, I'm not sure it was properly engaged or working. They did restart the game some time after my session. Not the whole PC unfortunately, even though I was filming in hopes of catching a GPU logo.

The left had a display that was eerily like my LG 64UC98, right down to bezel width. Except it had a silver panel at the bottom of the screen instead of a black. The right had a more ROG-like angular design.

I do not have BF1 so I can't say if the performance was good or bad, or how high the settings were turned.

What did I get? a Hitman key and T-shirt. Some other ppl won GPUs (I saw a 570) and Ryzen 5 CPUs.

Full gallery here.

Anyway, I recorder the opening, here it is, with subtitles by me:

I'd also like to add that the organizing was not that good.

The quiz questions with the GPU/CPU prizes had several problems:

  1. Same as with the announces, they were only in Hungarian. There were a few English ppl,who were left out of them.
  2. In the first one, they didn't even have a powered speaker, so... I think it was a raffle? I'm not sure
  3. You had a chance if you were in the front lines, as there was no podium or anything for the speakers to stand on.

Other stuff:

  1. absolutely NO new info. Everything is still under wraps. 2. long lines for the unfortunate: there were a lot (~70?) of people for the small venue, and everyone is/was supposed to get 2-2 minutes on the 2 systems. Do the math, it would take 5-6 hours if perfectly done.