The Secret Music

So, The Secret World weekend beta client is out and like the regular music-maniac that I am, I got interested in the music of it.... here is how to get it for yourself!

Well, look at that! TSW characters playing AO, BC and AoC in their free time...

First, you will need two things. The game client, which is only available for preorders and lucky PAX visitors. About 11 gigabytes of download, takes up 25 gigabytes of space. Then the RDB-extractor for Age of Conan, as Funcom seems to be using mostly the same database system.

Second, copy the RDB directory from the client to somewhere safe, as rdb-extractor seems to be a bit destructive unfortunately. This will take about another 25 gigabytes. (Yes, I learned this after the fact of course. So don't be hasty.)

Third, in the extractor, set the rdb directory to the copy. Press F6 and start hitting the OK buttons of the popup error windows till it finishes. Should take a couple of minutes at most.

Fourth, navigate to the Music (OGG) section on the left hand column, click on it, then select all the files on the right hand side. Hit F12 and it will start dumping them to a "dumps\1020005 - Music (OGG)" subdirectory in the RDB-extractor directory

Fifth, have fun! You might have to get a player that supports ogg playback, some mobile phones, mp3 players don't. Like old Sony, AFAIK all Apple products and the like. I usually use Goldwave for this, but that is like shooting rats with napalm.

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